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Oblique Corrugation
Vertical Corrugation
Oblique corrugation machine
Vertical corrugation machine
  A pre-heater for liner paper causing low wastage, minutely finished flutes for perfect and even impression, automatic self loading reelstand and a central lubrication system qualify this premiere offering from Rameshwar as "The Machine with Production Spirit".

Technical Specifications
    The vertical corrugation machine is designed to be the most user friendly corrugating machine. The ease of changing between flutes of varying sizes only strengthens its claim. The flute rollers are finished accurately for even impression. The machine comes with a manual reelstand, and central lubrication system.

Technical Specifications
Board Cutter
Sheet Pasting
Board cutting machine
Sheet pasting machine
  The board cutting machine is specially made to cut corrugated board & liner paper accurately with the help of precisely balanced cutting arm for free cutting, and gauges in the back and front for added accuracy.

Technical Specifications
    The sheet pasting machine is made for gluing together 2-ply corrugated sheets to make board of varying ply thicknesses. The simple but intuitive design makes it very easy to operate and the rollers are precisely finished to ensure even impression on the board.

Technical Specifications
Sheet Pressing
Cutting & Creasing
Sheet pressing machine
Rotary cutting & creasing machine
  The sheet pressing machine is made for pressing a large number of corrugated sheets after pasting in order to avoid air bubbles and to get and an even board. The pressure is regulated all through the surface using accurately positioned springs.

Technical Specifications
    The four bar rotary cutting & creasing machine combines the two vital operations of trimming the board to size and making creases in the board for easy folding. The setup of the creasing & cutting knives is very easy and the gauges provide the desired accuracy level.

Technical Specifications
Eccentric Slotting
Box Stitching
Overhung eccentric slotting  machine
Box stitching machine
  The overhung eccentric slotting machine is used for slotting and corner cutting of the board, before the boxes are folded.
3 slotting and 1 corner cutting knives with intuitive setup system make handling this machine very easy.

Technical Specifications
    The final operation in building of a box is fastening together the end flaps of the board. This machine is made to do just that.
The wire length is adjustable for different thickness of boards, and the padel clutch is inbuilt for fast and easy operation.

Technical Specifications